Better Than The Movie Theaters

Discover how Rowan Integration can help you create a home theater to give you that true cinema experience

Crystal Clear 4k Displays

Enjoy commercial-grade high-definition projection systems to create an immersive wall of video, or let us install a quality name-brand display from companies like Sony, Samsung, and others. Make your home better than going to the theater.

Immersive Sound

Make movies, TV shows, and sporting events come to life with a state-of-the-art Dolby sound systems from a number of trusted brands. Our team will help with each rooms acoustics to determine ideal speaker placement, including behind-screen to make the sound come directly from the action.

Set The Mood

The perfect compliment to your theater is adding automated shading and lighting control systems into your home theater room. Dim lights, set ambient light color, and more with a full automation suite.