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Top 10 Reasons You Need Crestron Digital Media In Your Home - Rowan Integration

Top 10 Reasons You Need Crestron Digital Media In Your Home

By June 6, 2018Articles

Crestron engineers unparalleled audio and video technology for home theaters, media rooms, living rooms and every space inside and out. Our legendary DigitalMedia platform ensures a spectacular 4K viewing experience on every screen; our multi-window processors allow you to watch four channels (or more) simultaneously. Add in our award-winning Sonnex® audio system and precision-crafted speakers and you’re ready to enjoy the ultimate listening and entertainment experience.

Reason 1: Remove visual clutter

Unsightly wall clutter isn’t confined to too many light switches; it’s the same problem with TV. The more TV clutter we can eliminate, such as set top boxes and cables, the cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing your home will be. The good news is all that clutter can easily be hidden away in a closet, storage room, basement or dedicated rack room, among other discrete locations. All you need to see are the TV and remote. The same can be accomplished with your audio system by mounting speakers in the ceiling and walls or hiding them in a cabinet. Or use a tasteful speaker bar below the TV. With video distribution we can clear the room of visual clutter. 


Reason 2: Convenience

Crestron DigitalMedia completes your whole home automation system. Enjoy easy access to every entertainment source, from Apple TV® and Netflix®, to cable, satellite, and your gaming system, all on every TV in your home. No more searching for sources, or having to head to the playroom to play video games. Everything you could want is just a button press or voice command away. Even better, video distribution can be fully integrated with lighting and shade control to create the perfect viewing environment with just a single button tap. The lights dim, shades lower, and your favorite movie starts playing.


Reason 3: Reduce the amount of “hardware”

With Crestron DigitalMedia you don’t need as many set top boxes from your service providers. With video distribution, just three set top boxes may do the trick. Dedicate one to you, one to your spouse, and one to the kids. Simple source selection and distribution gives you the ability to watch anything on any TV anywhere in the home. The same applies to Apple TV, Kaleidescape®, Blu-ray™ player, Roku®, game console, or any other device connected to the system. All that hardware is hidden away and all you need to do is press a button or the screen of your remote to select whatyou want to watch or play.


Reason 4: Centralize your equipment for easy troubleshooting, service, and privacy

Consolidating all your hardware in one convenient location in the home has many benefits including;

·         Easy management of power and cooling – no need to worry about ventilation in key areas such as family rooms and bedrooms.

·         In the event of a problem with one of your set top boxes, you or your Crestron Technology Professional can quickly re-route another set top box to the TV you’re watching.

·         Better control of your entire video experience. By having that one place to go, service or support teams don’t have to touch each TV in the home. They can just go to the centralized rack and access all the sources in one location.

·         In the event your system requires a service call, centralized equipment enables you to limit access to just one room, rather than the entire house. No need to have a service crew running around your home. You get complete privacy.


Reason 5:  Easy upgrades

Crestron gives you the ability to upgrade your sources and displays to the very latest technology with unparalleled ease. You don’t have to think about which TVs for the new Apple TV 4K, for example. It just slides into the rack and the sources are automatically selected where you want to watch them, in whichever room. The ability to easily upgrade is a powerful argument in favor of video distribution. 


Reason 6: Best video  quality — no compromise

You want the very best picture quality available, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Crestron DigitalMedia. With 4K60 HDR support, whether it’s movies, sports, TV shows, or games you’ll always enjoy the best experience possible.


Reason 7:  Never miss a game – flexibility to re-route sources anywhere, anytime

Sports buff? Enjoy Comcast® cable, DirecTV®, Dish Network® and any other service all on the same TV. Want every TV in the house to show the big game at the same time? Easy! Send one signal to every display. Or maybe the worst thing happens; the big game is coming on and one of your set top boxes freezes. Thanks to Crestron DigitalMedia, simply select another set top box. Game on! Or if the Apple TV isn’t connecting to the Apple Store, just select another Apple TV from another source.


Reason 8:  Video everywhere

Crestron can deliver the entertainment wherever you want it. Easily add TVs and sources when needed, extend your entertainment to other rooms, inside and outside. Enjoy access to all content and sources without having to purchase a pile of additional equipment, or trying to find a space to hide it.


Reason 9: Monitor and control what the kids are watching

Since all the set top boxes and other sources can be viewed on every TV, you can monitor what the kids are watching without interrupting them. You can set up a schedule so they can’t watch during designated times (when they should be doing their homework, for example) or past a particular time at night. You can even block them from turning on the TVs at all.


Reason 10:  Remote support

We understand time is of the essence if you need assistance with a technical issue during the big game or your favorite show. Our Crestron Technology Professionals provide the best support in the industry and can even rapidly assess and resolve any issues remotely, 24/7. In many cases, there is no need for a service technician to come to your home.


Contact Rowan Integration for more information at 719-551-1040

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